“After 6 wondLimelighterful years of doing shows with the guys from Arc Pyrotechnics Inc., I am looking forward to many more creative and successful projects. Together we put on the largest show in the state! Not only is their product the best, their technicians are both educators and innovators in their field.” -Denise Castelli, LimeLight Productions & LimeLight SFX


dell_logo-svg“The Dell OKC campus had never had a professional fireworks display performed near our campus for any event, so we had slight trepidation on that for this year’s Fall Festival. In retrospect, we should have done this years ago. The fireworks display ARC Pyro executed for us was, by far, the single most talked-about event of the entire evening!

The 1,600+ crowd simply loved the fireworks that evening. The accompanying music, the great variety of fireworks used, the visibility they had to our entire campus and the overall length of the show and the value we received was second to none.

Dell OKC was extremely pleased with the display and we look forward to having ARC Pyro help us with future events now that we’ve give our employees a look at an awesome fireworks show to help headline and end a great site event. Looking forward to working with you all again, and thanks for being a great partner to our site!” -Brian White, Dell OKC

calf fry


“Fireworks were seriously phenomenal. The amount of social media attention they got was well worth doing and we definitely want it to be a new tradition moving forward. Thanks a ton for getting this together so quickly. The show really was amazing and was far bigger than expected even!” -Scott Marsh, Levelland Productions


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