Our shooter schools are designed around NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1123. This code is used by many states as the basis of their 1.3G display fireworks laws.

NFPA 1123 covers construction and operation of fireworks displays from the ground, elevated platforms, and floating vessels and platforms, including aerial shells and equipment, site selection, spectator separation distances, firing of shells, electrical ignition and qualifications of display operators.

In addition to NFPA 1123 classroom training and certification, our courses include hands-on experience with setting up, shooting, and tearing down displays. Students will learn how to properly and safely load and unload product and how to use our electronic firing systems.

We pride ourselves as being THE safest company in the country. In addition to this course, we recommend every person working for or with API be certified for the National Incident Management System through FEMA.


Use the links below to register for your local shooter school.

Oklahoma Shooter School

Please check back in the spring for updates on training courses.

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